Fermon Indis is, without a doubt a real family company which has now enjoyed two generations of hard but fruitful work, a fact which it is well worth valuing in as much as it expresses an inheritance of knowledge and good practice, and which contradicts the usual statistics of abandonment of the business by the descendants of the founders.

Its values are seriousness and a commitment to its customers, in the certainty that a job well done will have its effect on the health system and the well-being of the citizen. Without these ethical principles and the love of our work, it would be impossible to explain the unique nature of Fermon Indis, a firm which, since its creation in the 1960s, has experienced constant growth and modernisation.

The desire for progress, almost the obsession that no customer should be without whatever is necessary to practise medicine or to give attention, has lit the way for the company throughout its existence. The search for an ethical business profit, the creation of specialist employment positions, the training of our staff and the active concern for excellence are only possible when the owners identify with their task generation after generation; when the children learn of the dedication and commitment of their parents and are suitably trained to continue improving and making the firm grow day by day. That is the spirit of Fermon Indis.

With over half a century of history, Fermon Indis enjoys a solid position in the national and international market. It represents the world’s leading brands of health equipment and collaborates, through commercial advisers and maintenance technicians, with the operators of the clinical sector.

Additionally, for Fermon Indis the difficulties that our situation as islands poses is a reason for great sensitivity for the supply of materials in the Canary Islands, where the headquarters of the company are. These difficulties become even more important when, as in our case, one is dealing with products whose existence and regularity of supply may be of vital importance, in the full meaning of the word. For this reason, Fermon Indis maintains a permanent stock of the most used lines and has resources and mechanisms which guarantee a rapid service in emergencies.