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The origins of the company, which began in the 1960s as the Optician and Chemist’s, “El Negrito”, which was a real point of reference in the history of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. “El Negrito” continues to be an establishment valued by the people of Tenerife as something that is their own because, since it opened, the patients knew that they could always find any medicine, magistral formula or article that the doctor had prescribed, or that the optician, nurses and paramedics had recommended. That initial spirit still survives, impregnating with pride a business philosophy which has managed to reinvent itself with criteria of innovation and competitiveness.

Starting with the Optician’s and Chemist’s “El Negrito” and in view of the demand from our customers, Fermon Indis started up a small supply company. Since then, it has not stopped growing in all fields and nowadays there are over forty employees and the average turnover amounts to eleven million euros.

It is therefore a real logistical centre capable of completely equipping a hospital or health centre, from the reception to the surgical area with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as the daily supplies of everything necessary for operation.

With this orientation, twenty-five years ago Fermon Indis decided also to manufacture a large number of consumable and disposable health products subject to rigorous quality systems, which have been used for decades by health professionals with total satisfaction.

That vocation of reaching everybody and offering everything, with effective management, logistics and quality technical service, with the desire of a family project which survives generation after generation, is now an established reality.