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Dear Customers and Health Professionals,

Fermon Indis has now completed half a century of existence. For me it is exciting to have been able to continue the work that my father started so many years ago. My family has experienced the day-to-day life of this company as an essential part of their own way of life. In large part, we consider Fermon Indis to be our collective child, which we have seen grow up, with which we have overcome crises and obstacles, but which has given us immense professional and also personal satisfaction.

Fermon Indis is a family company with a truly invaluable human team. Lifelong professionals, as we say, together with enthusiastic young people, well trained and rigorous in their work. This Web page attempts to show you all this with humility but, at the same time, satisfied with the work done and committed to the challenges that we have before us. If you continue to give us your confidence, we shall continue to make our customers’ lives easier, constantly seeking out the best equipment and supplies so that health professionals can do their work in the best possible conditions. We shall continue to be that channel of transmission of all the medical and scientific advances in the health field, making it possible for them to reach the citizen immediately.