The headquarters of Fermon Indis are in the Los Majuelos Industrial Estate on the island of Tenerife, with the central administrative offices, an display area of over eight hundred square metres, technical services with their workshops and logistical warehouse, with its own distribution offices. Furthermore, there are warehouses in Barcelona, Gran Canaria and Valencia, as well as offices in the latter, with their commercial, technical, administrative and logistical departments.

Fermon Indis generally supplies its products to hospitals and clinics all over Spain. It has won and satisfactorily executed bidding competitions for the best hospitals in Spain. Some of them are given in greater detail in the Achievements section.

Fermon Indis is, furthermore, an effective logistical and commercial platform for the strategic actions of our suppliers. This experience dates from twenty-five years ago, when we began to distribute material in Africa and South America. In reality, the company began by distributing its products in Western Africa, via Senegal, which made it possible to open sales channels and establish contacts which still survive today. This is, without a doubt, one of our future competitive advantages, with the development of health policies in the neighbouring continent.